Goldfish Vs. Tropicals With Live Plants

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Goldiemom, May 15, 2018.

  1. Goldiemom

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    When I first joined FL, I kept hearing that goldfish will eat most plants and tropical fish wouldn’t hurt them. So I planted hornwort, anubias, swords, and anacharis in the Goldie tank. All are still there except the anacharis. I was excited to plant things like moneywort, baby tears, ludwiga, etc in my tropical tank. Those dang tropicals eat everything I put in there, including the hornwort. Just wanted to set the facts straight. My Goldie tank looks great. My tropical is destroyed. Lol. Going to fake silk plants in the tropical tank.

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  2. Bry

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    In my experience, by goldies don't eat the plants, they rip them out! All but one plant I've put in my goldfish tank was floating at the top within 24 hours. Then they play in the floating plants.
    On the flip side, my tropical tanks have no issues. They don't seem to care that they have live plants. Sometimes I'll see them nip at them, but that's it.

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