Goldfish Stares Out Of The Corner Of The Tank

Ry Bautista
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I have a yuan bow oranda that stays in one corner of the tank and stares out until I come walk by or interact with the fish. All the other goldfish are playfull and swim around as usual. There is a strong current in the tank but he is the biggest so I would think it has less of an effect on him being that the small fish swim alright.
I heard fish can get depressed, is he... sad?? I know this is a dumb question but I mean he is ALWAYS in that corner staring out. It can’t be good for him??


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What size tank? How many fish do you have?

Is he getting bullied by the other goldfish?

What is your water quality?

How often do you do water changes.

When a fish becomes depressed, you have to consider ‘is the environment I designed properly set up, so my fish has the option to thrive’.

A fish in a cramped, overstocked, dirty tank might become depressed.

Though a fish in a giant, clean, oxygenated tank with many buddies should not.
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55 gallon tank 2 comets (I know the shouldn’t be there but I can’t find a pond to put them in) 2 fancy’s one is a baby Ryukin and the other is yuan bao oranda the “depressed” one.

I have two canister filters on the tank and I just went Down and reduced the flow to help them out. (partially closed the output valve and left the input open. Hope it doesn’t ruin the filters?)

I do changes once a week. 30% of the tank water. I haven’t checked the parameters in a week but I have brown algae growth so it might be a little unbalanced.

The tank seems over stocked in my eyes because of the two carnival fish that are in there I know they need to be moved into a pond sooner than later.
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Fancies and comets aren’t supposed to be together! The comets swim fast, and hog food, which can cause stress to the slower species of goldfish, I would recommend moving them out of the tank sooner rather than later. That might be what is causing that goldfish to hang out in the corner. He might be stressed with all the fast moving activity of the comets!

I keep a comet in a big kiddie pool with a sponge filter. (A carnival rescue) I got the kiddie pool for 14 dollars at Walmart, so maybe you could do something like that for your comets! They have different sizes, but some plastic kiddie pools can hold up to 100 gallons!

It is just like a shallow, large pool. Perfect for a grow out tank, and will give you some more time to find a big pond for the comets!
Ry Bautista
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That’s actually a really good idea, I’ll have to get a kiddie pool tomorrow then, only issue is I live in Arizona with 115°+ weather right now, goldfish are cold water, maybe I can get a large tub and store them inside?
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My kiddie pool is inside! It is too hot outside for them. It is in my basement. Really any room will work for them. Mine isn’t terribly big gallon wise, because it is shallow (only 8 inches high) though it has a lot of surface area, because it is a couple feet long. Look for a tub that is long rather than tall, because goldfish spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank!

It is super cool to like look at them from above. I hand feed them, because with a kiddie pool, you can easily put your hand in!
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Post photos of the pool! Seems like a great idea.
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Has there been any bullying behavior? If not, it is okay to keep them together. As long as they aren't bullying your fish, ans as long as you make sure the fancies get food, it is very possible to house them together. Plus, the commons can live for about 5-10 years in a 55, yes that's not their normal life span, but most get bowls so I'd say OP is doing pretty grand.
Let's try to get back on track, it's not a stocking question guys.
Are there any vibrations near the tank (like an odd air pump)? Do you feed from the opposite side of the tank? Relative to your sad goldfish, which side do you feed from?
Edit: I don't mean the kiddie pool isn't a great idea, it definitely is, I'm just a little concerned that the main question may have been forgotten. The kiddie pool should be a nice upgrade, if OP has the space. If it ever does go outside, be very wary of predators

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