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  1. jay275475 Valued Member Member

    I know for GoldFish footprint is best like almost all other fish so would this be right?
    20 Gallon = 1 Goldfish
    30 Gallon = 2 Goldfish
    40 Gallon = ? Some say 2 Goldfish
    50 Gallon = 4 Goldfish?

    Also would 20 long have 2 goldfish?

  2. bettamars Valued Member Member

    Some people say 20 for the first goldfish and 10 for each additional, and some say 30 for the first goldfish and 10-20 for each additional. I guess it depends.

    I watched a video once of a guy who does a lot of fish keeping (can't remember the name) and he said that in a 20 gallon you could potentially have up to 3 goldfish as long as there is a lot of aeration and very good filtration. Although, not recommended, I suppose advanced fish keepers could do this. You would also need to keep up with frequent water changes.

    But this also depends on what type of goldfish. Everything I said above is about if you're keeping fancy goldfish (or similar goldfish in size). But it they were comet or common goldfish (especially common as they get the biggest), it would probably be a different story.

    But I'm no expert, these are just things I've read/heard so maybe someone else with experience in keeping goldfish can correct my
  3. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    Not all goldfish are created equal. Stocking density varies greatly on size of fish and aquarium water conditioning (filter, water changes, etc.). I have had as many as 16, 4" goldfish in my 75 gal aquarium (over the winter, pond fish) with good results, lot of water changes. This was temporary only for a few months.

    I wouldn't suggest stocking this high long term. If you have a good filter and plan 25% weekly water changes you should be good with going 1" of fish per 2.5 gals. If you go higher than this, suspect you fish growth will be limited and will be difficult to maintain good water quality. Also those 1" goldfish can grow to 1' to 3' long depending on varity.

    You could probably get away with 4 goldfish in a 50 gal if you get comets (grow about 10") or other smaller varity. If you go with a Koi, you need a couple 100 gal per fish.

    It will be tempting to add a bunch of small goldfish to your tank at the beginning, and while small they should be ok. Once they start to grow suspect things will go south quick. Good luck with your tank and post some pictures with updates.
  4. jay275475 Valued Member Member

    Alright, I was thinking about getting a 20 long and possibly squeezing 1-3 (Hopefully 2) PearlScale Fancys (I heard they were the smallest) with 50% weekly changes and an aquaclear 50 most likely.
  5. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    I was doing 50% multi weekly water changes and got scolded. Changing out water this much will force a mini nitrate cycle. Been advised to limit changes to 25% weekly.

    Gold Fish are very harty so probably wont matter as much. I would recommend getting as large as aquarium as you have space for and can afford. I had a 20 gal long for a long time. Upgraded to a 55 gal which I thought was huge at the time. Now have a 75 Gal and thinking of going larger.

    The 55 gal is a nice size and often can be found on CL for a good price. Its the hood, filter and light that cost an arm and a leg. Not uncommon for a complete setup on CL for under $100. A new 20 long, hood, heater, air pump, filter and stand will probable cost well more than that. Have not run into to many people who wish they bought a smaller aquarium.
  6. jay275475 Valued Member Member

    Would a 40 Breeder be better? I'd prefer 20 Long though because I want to get one of those double stands so I can also have a Shrimp tank :) Also I know quite a bit about common goldfish and their sizes.
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