Goldfish Problem

  1. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    So i bought about 34 goldfish the other day from petsmart.
    I have multiple ponds and i've already put some in one of them.

    I have the remainder in a 10 gal (Temp holding) in my room and i put some in my 75 gallon with my 3 year old gold fish. I have 3 out of 21 that have their fins laid down most of the time besides when i feed them.

    It's been 4 days since ive got them and idk what's going on with them.
    Their water condition is fine. Most of them are enjoying their new homes swimming around like theirs nothing wrong. It's just these three fish.

    I've been doing small water changes just to be safe.
    Has anyone else had this problem??

    I do know the nitrogen cycle and my 75 gallon tank is fully cycled.
    My 10 gallon is not cycled but i do 50% water changes every day. The ten gallon is not permanent as the goldfish will go in my pond friday.

    Help would be great!!
  2. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi there! What kind of goldfish are they?

  3. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    Common gold fish or feeder fish as the pet store called them.
  4. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    Since they are feeder fish, they might have just been unwell from the start unfortunately. All the feeder fish tanks I've seen at stores are pretty miserable looking and cramped so this stresses the fish and makes them prone to getting sick. Are your fish showing any signs of disease? I'd quarantine the 3 that aren't acting right if you are able to, as a precaution. If you post a picture, we might be able to give you better advice too. :)

  5. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    Not that I see. They act all depressed until I feed them. Now my big gold fish has his fins lowered and is sitting at the bottom. Thanks again for replying![​IMG]
  6. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    No worries! Are the sad looking ones in the cycled tank or the uncycled one? The only thing I can think of is a water quality issue unless its something on the inside like parasites or infection. Are they pooping well?
  7. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    One is in the cycled tank. The other's i went ahead and put them in the fish pond.
    Which just got drained and refilled two days ago. Ill post a pic. The only reason i did that was because i got off work early and had the time to go ahead and do water changes and a little bit of deep cleaning on some of my other tanks. The pond has new water and A LOT of plants so i figured this would probably be the best way.

    But i do want to keep on eye on the one just to see if it was just stressed from when i bought him.As far pooping i have no idea. They don't appear to be bloated or have SB. I also thought it could of been from lake of oxygen in the water so i put a air pump on it as well.

  8. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    I think you may be experiencing a spike in one or more of your parameters then. Adding a bunch of new fish anywhere at once will cause that since the BB hasn't caught up to the increased bioload, and will start a mini-cycle. Some bacteria additive like Stability or TSS+ may help things along if this is the case but I'd for sure keep an eye on your Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels in the meantime. Goldfish have a huge bioload so you may have just temporarily upset the balance of bacteria. Are you able to test your water ?
  9. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    I will try the bac. additive and yes i will test it. i'm testing my other tanks as well.
  10. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    If you don't already have this, API's Master Test Kit seems to be the most reliable one and is highly recommended on this forum. Best of luck!

  11. CrowntailCrazy Member Member

    So the nitrates we're up when I checked. So I did another 40% water change and i can tell he's already feeling better I'm gonna do another water change tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

    Here's a video of him 10 minutes ago

    Btw he wasn't hardly moving now he's all over the place
  12. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    Anytime your fish start to behave oddly, the first thing you should do is test your water.
    Im glad you found the problem :)
    You can do multiple water changes to get your nitrAtes as close to 0 as possible.
    Good luck!
  13. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    I had a feeling the parameters might have been causing him to act funny! I'm glad he's feeling better hope they all continue to improve :)