Goldfish Lice

  1. murphysedict Initiate Member

    I have 3 Ryukin goldfish purchased approx. 2 weeks ago. They were placed in a newly set up, cycled tank. Today I pulled 2 lice off one of the fish. What can I treat the tank with? I found Seachem's Cupramine, but I am not sure if that is safe for goldfish. I have also found some info on a salt bath. Anyone have experience with this issue? What is safe to use? I have also learned that the lice may have laid eggs! Any suggestions to rid my tank of this disgusting parasite? Thanks!
  2. Manjit Member Member

    i would suggest to use Dipterex...
    It comes of different potency levels from 40 to 98....
    ask the shopkeeper about the perfect dosages as at high volume it can kill your fish... read the leaflet carefully...
    as goldfish lice are not lice but crustoceans... so they are difficult to get rid of

    Ecoligical labs LAWP16 microbe Lift Lice and Anchor Worm[​IMG] treatment..
    you can try this also
  3. murphysedict Initiate Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you!