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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Kimmy324, Jun 22, 2019.

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    I woke up this am and both my fancy goldfish seem to be sick. I think they have fungus. They seem to have a white slime like on their bodies. I did a filter change 3 days ago so I'm wondering how in the world this could have happened. I took them out of the tank and put them in a hospital tank and have been changing the water out for a bit. I used a lifegusrd tablet as that was the only thing I had.

    My big guy seems to be snapping out of it, but my little guy is floating upside down but still breathing. PLEASE HELP!
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    when you said you did a filter change, did you mean you changed out the filter media? if so, you probably lost your beneficial bacteria.
    here's a guide on upgrading your media so you don't have to use the cartridges.

    please check the parameters in your tank. there is probably ammonia and/or nitrites.

    for now do daily water changes, use Seachem Prime.

    for the one that is floating upside down, you can try an Epsom Salt bath in a separate container for 5-10 minutes at a time and see if that helps.
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    Thank you for all the info! I have a Biorb so all i did was change out the donut filter and carbon media. The tank media wasnt changed.

    So my little guy came back from the brink in the hospital tank last night, so I put him back in the big tank (I did a water change yesterday when I saw they were sick) and got up this am and my big guy was hanging at the bottom of the tank, so now he's in the hospital tank.

    I'm taking a water sample to be tested bc my tests say the water is fine. grrrrr