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HI everyone.

So about 2 weeks ago I purchased a new ranchu goldfish but now he's not looking too well.
Yesterday I noticed he was covered in a white film, tiny tiny white fuzz over his body, particularly on his tail and back. I suspect columnaris but I'm looking for other opinions and the best way to go about treating this guy. He was floating listlessly and bottom sitting for a little bit but would still be fairly active. Now he's bottom sitting a lot more, though still swims a lil bit when I approach the tank or when they get fed, though his tail looks torn a bit too.
I've attached photos but you can't really see the white specks very well unfortunately.

These are my parameters for my 130L tank:

Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10/15
pH: 7.2
GH: between 214.8ppm - 400ppm. The API liquid test measured at about 15 drops, the max drop reading listed on the instructions is 12, so I don't know the *exact* GH reading.

The tank is cycled and has two other goldfish and and about 10 pearl/zebra danios. The fish get along very well and I have not had an issue with any of them, the two other goldfish have been in the tank for over a year.
I did a 50% water change about 3 days ago with regular water changes once a week.

I already had aquarium salt in my tank but I put additional salt when I introduced him to the tank 2 weeks ago, and when I noticed the disease I put in more yesterday. Looking at him this morning the disease doesn't look as bad as it did the day before, but he is bottom sitting more often now. The temperature of the tank is about 19 degrees celcius.
So what would be the best course of action here? Should I had more salt, get medication, or continue to monitor with the salt I have in the tank?

Thanks in advance.



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that's calamanaris 100 % u need copper sulphate tablets to cure the fish

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