Goldfish Head Changed Color?

  1. Soleil04

    Soleil04 New Member Member


    i bought this goldfish the one with the bumpy head, which was black at the time. i had him for about two months, and one morning i noticed that it was orange. what happened??? thanks!
  2. scohen

    scohen Valued Member Member

    What type of goldfish is it?
  3. cadd

    cadd Well Known Member Member

  4. OP

    Soleil04 New Member Member

    oranda, and i haven’t got any pictures of before. the fish has a missing gill plate, but has been doing fine. do you want pics still?
  5. libby2999

    libby2999 Valued Member Member

    Sometimes gold fish loose their darker color. It happens. Here's some links with some info. This is under the assumption its not a disease or parasite.