Goldfish Gasping Help

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    ASquidabs0727 Well Known Member Member

    I have 3 common goldfish in a 30g aquarium. They are about 2-3 inches and ammonia is always 0, nitrite always 0, and nitrate around 20 or below. I do 25% water changes once a week with Prime as my declorinator. However I know this is too small of a tank for them so I just recently got a 55g. However I am moving in about 3-4 months and figured it would be less stressful and easier to just set up the tank then and transfer them to the new place. I also don't trust the apt complex I live in right now as I have seen termite dust multiple times. I pointed it out to them and they didn't do anything about it. I really don't think the structure will support 600+ pounds of water and rocks (I'm also in the 2nd story) so I'm waiting till I move. However recently they have been gasping at the surface a lot, more specifically after eating. I feed Omega One sinking pellets. My first thought was ammonia and as I was testing it I broke my last glass vial. I ordered more but I can't test my water until they show up. My ammonia is always at 0 tho. I have an extra air stone in the tank and I lowered the water level a little bit to make the filter create more surface agitation for better oxygen exchange. Any other suggestions that can help them stop gasping?
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    Well if you're worried about ammonia, just keep adding stability and that should solve your problem if you have one.

    Also 55 gallons is still too small for three common goldfish. You really need upwards of 180 gallons.