goldfish for sale in phoenix, arizona

  1. gremlin Well Known Member Member

    Well, my sister's multi spawn has left her with quite a few baby/young pond goldfish. She is offering them for sale as long as you come and pick them up - cash payment at the time you come get them.

    Goldfish over 6 inches - $5.00 each (she has 6 white and 6 orange - these are the ones from the first and second spawns)

    Goldfish under 6 inches - $2.00 each (she has 53 orange and 17 that are still their baby copper color but will most likely turn orange - these are the ones from the third thru fifth spawns - some are barely an inch long. Most are less than 3 inches although there are about a dozen in the 3-5 inch range)

    Let me know if any of you are interested . . .
  2. whisper Well Known Member Member

    Hi Gremlin. I would be interested in loads of the goldfish if you would consider shipping. I'm not that far from you in Texas. let me know. Thanks, whisper
  3. gremlin Well Known Member Member

    Neither of us have ever shipped before and have no clue how to do that or how much it would cost. Any ideas?
  4. whisper Well Known Member Member

    I've never done it either but I do know it's quite involved to do. Shipping is usually about $30 - $40.
  5. eiginh Well Known Member Member

    If you don't mind using USPS priority mail, it wouldn't cost as much as FedEx or UPS. Priority mail usually takes 2-4 days, best to send it on Mondays/Tuesdays. The large box is about 11 bucks and optional tracking id for 79 cents.
  6. whisper Well Known Member Member

    I would rather get them over night instead of 2-4 days. 4 days is a long time for them to packaged up. Yes your right though USPS is the best and cheapest.
  7. eiginh Well Known Member Member

    You guys are right next to each other, I don't think it'll take the full 4 days. I sent clown loaches to Annadvn in Idaho and she got them in two days coming from So Cal. It is your fish and you know what's best for them :) P.S. FedEx do not ship live fish, I had a bad time doing that once...
  8. whisper Well Known Member Member

    WOW that's good. FedEx will but the trick is to not tell them what your shipping. Also they are very expensive. I would never us them.
  9. eiginh Well Known Member Member

    Really? I didn't tell them that either and they still found out anyways... Man what did I do wrong... Well USPS has the same policy but you have to be discreet about it too. ^-^
  10. whisper Well Known Member Member

    Just stamp PERISHABLE on the box.
  11. gremlin Well Known Member Member

    I'm just not sure I would want to risk shipping them. They are still so small, and with them being goldfish - in a small container - they would have to go overnight or I would worry that the ammonia would build up too much. FedEx and UPS both do not ship animals. The way to get around that would be to pack them myself and not tell them what I was shipping, but the overnight services with both would be very expensive for the size container they would need to be in.
  12. Mystic54 Member Member

    I recieved BN plecos from a member here. They took a couple days to arrive and were only about a month old when shipped. All 3 plecos were in excellent condition upon arrival.
  13. Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member

    Do you guys have DHL down in the states? I know that one of my favorite online sellers uses them alot, and according to the reviews I've seen they've had success...
  14. gremlin Well Known Member Member

    Yes, we have DHL, UPS, FEDEX, and of course Priority Mail. It's just that my sister didn't really want to risk shipping since she has never done so and is not sure just how safe it would be. Also, there is the expense of the shipping.
  15. Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member