Goldfish floating sideways?


i brought a goldfish home from the pet store because he was sitting at the bottom of the tank sideways, hoping i could help him out. when i brought him home, i realized it was worse than just the swim bladder problem. he had dropsy. after treating with maracyn two, paracleanse, and epsom salt (at separate times) the swelling has gone down and his scales are starting to lay back down as well. but, after the fluid left his body, he started floating at the surface on his side. before he would be able to stay at the bottom. i haven’t fed him in a little over 24 hours just in case it’s constipation, but it’s probably much worse. i’m wondering if the dropsy caused this or if it’s because of his curved spine, which could’ve misplaced his swim bladder. either way he has scales exposed to the air which i know i can help out with some stress coat but i need to help him quickly. if there is nothing else i can do i might take him to the vet.

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