Goldfish Diet?

  1. F

    FurryPanda Initiate Member

    Quite curious on your guy's opinion on what on what I should change when it comes to feeding my goldfish. As of right now, my goldfish gets Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish sinking pellets as his main diet. Every 2-3 days, I will feel feed him some vegetables most likely spinach or peas. And once a week I'll feed my goldfish some freeze dried bloodworms.

    Other questions:
    1. Could I feed my Goldfish bok choy? If not, what are other vegetable options?
    2. Besides Saki-Hikari, is there any other brands of food that you would recommend?
    3. Has anyone had experience with Ken's Premium Vegetable Mini Sticks? Would you recommend them for goldfish?

    By the way, my goldfish is a 1 year old Ryukin living in a 20 gallon long (hoping to upgrade soon).
  2. Mothercrow

    Mothercrow Well Known Member Member

    I'm new to goldfish keeping, but a lot of goldfish owners I've talked to are just crazy about a gel food called Repashy Soilent Green. Yes, it's really called that. But I'm pretty sure it's not made of people.
  3. OP

    FurryPanda Initiate Member

    Oh, yes! That's another food that I have considered looking into. It seems really good but, I'll think about using it later.