Goldfish Companions???

I recently upgraded my 2 fancy goldfish (one 2.5" Oranda and one 2" Black Moor (excluding tails)), to a 30 gallon hexagon tank. I was just wondering if there are any schooling fish I can add to the tank that would be compatible with my goldfish. All help is appreciated!!
that tank is maxed out, I don't think you should add any more. Goldfish should have 20 gallons for the first one and 10 gallons for each next one.
No don't add anything else. They grow pretty big as I am finding out. And no tropicals since they like about 25 celcius and goldfish are happy at around 19 celsius :
yeah plus that kind of goldfish gets really big. Sorry :-\, but hey the fish you have will be fun to watch! Fancy goldfish are cool, but I don't have a big enough tank
Absolutely NOT. Goldfish are considered cold water fish and like the temp around 19 celsius while tropicals range from 25-28 degrees celcius. Also goldfish will probably eat all the food before the tropicals get a chance... 8)

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