Goldfish Companions???

  1. x

    x5ayin5x Initiate Member

    I recently upgraded my 2 fancy goldfish (one 2.5" Oranda and one 2" Black Moor (excluding tails)), to a 30 gallon hexagon tank. I was just wondering if there are any schooling fish I can add to the tank that would be compatible with my goldfish. All help is appreciated!!

  2. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    that tank is maxed out, I don't think you should add any more. Goldfish should have 20 gallons for the first one and 10 gallons for each next one.
  3. j

    jim55379 Member Member

    No don't add anything else. They grow pretty big as I am finding out. And no tropicals since they like about 25 celcius and goldfish are happy at around 19 celsius :) ::)
  4. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    yeah plus that kind of goldfish gets really big. Sorry :-\, but hey the fish you have will be fun to watch! Fancy goldfish are cool, but I don't have a big enough tank :(
  5. S

    Sym Initiate Member

    Hi!!  i was just wondering what temperature is best for goldfish??  can you keep them in a tropical tank??
  6. j

    jim55379 Member Member

    Absolutely NOT. Goldfish are considered cold water fish and like the temp around 19 celsius while tropicals range from 25-28 degrees celcius. Also goldfish will probably eat all the food before the tropicals get a chance... 8)