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My father has a goldfish tank which has a black moor goldfish in it and according to him when its feeding time the others go immediately while the black moor just frantically swims around but the main give away is that his pupils are white, my father didnt see this at first as the fish store dont allow people to pick which fish,this store is also not very good,i have not had one fish from there who has lasted a year with exeption to a prawn,so is this some sort of disease he has?and can it be treated, i do have a 15 gallon not in use,would it be smart to let the fish have that tank to himself and handfeed?i dont think its contagious since non of the other fish have been affected and he is very healthy,always swimming around and very active and doesnt have any issue breathing or anything and is a good deep black color.any advice would help,Thanks!


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Hello j...

Goldfish are extremely hardy and easy to keep, but Moors, due to the way their eyes stick out, the eyes are easily injured and can get infected. The fish, if it's blind, will adapt and if given lots of large, weekly water changes and a good diet, can be very healthy and live a long time. Moors are slow swimmers and if you have this fish in a tank with faster kinds of Goldfish, it may not get enough to eat. A 15 gallon tank is really too small, the minimum is about 20 gallons. If that's all you have, then you can move the fish. Just make sure the tank is planted with Anacharis and well aerated. I use dual sponge filters in my Goldfish tanks. The Anacharis plant is good for the fishes' diet and a sponge filter adds oxygen to the tank water.

A 15 gallon tank needs 75 percent water changes a couple of times a week. Goldfish are big waste producers and you should keep the tank water every clean.

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