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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by loachaholic, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. loachaholicValued MemberMember

    So I've finally decided on getting my cousin a fancy goldfish for her birthday. I figure since I'm going to be the one caring for and living with the fish, I should take advantage of having the coldwater setup and get my weather loaches!

    I'm not sure what size tank I'll need for this, or what kind/how much filtration. I think with such big fish in there I'm going to need to at least double the filtration. Ideally I could get a 40 gallon and have 3 loaches in addition to the goldfish... but I live on a second floor (third if you count the basement) and I'm not sure if that would be too heavy. So the second option would be a 30g long with 2 loaches and the goldfish. I don't like this idea as much, I'd prefer if my loaches were always in a group of at least 3...

    What do you guys think?
  2. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    Idealy a single goldfish needs atleast 20gals. And for every other goldfish an extra 10gals. So a 30 would be fine. But the 40gal would be the best option. But I understand you living on the second floor. You can ask someone and see what they say about the floor. a 400lb aquarium should be able to stand on a second floor with out problem. My family has had a 500lb pool table on the second floor with out problem. Just try to place it where there is a wall underneath it or close to it. The wall will act as extra support to the aquarium. What kind of Fancy goldfish were you thinking on getting? Orandas, Black Mores, and Ryukain goldies get around 8inches and up to 12 inches. I would go with a Lionhead, or a telescope eye Goldfish they tend to stay smaller then other fancy gold fish. And also the tank will need to be able to cycle the water 10 times an hour at least! I shoot for 15 times an hour personally.
  3. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    30gal would be fine for the Goldies but nowhere near big enough for the Weatherloaches. To house 3 of those you would need at least 120gal, probably bigger. They are a seriously big fish (20") that needs really good filtration.

    A 40gal tank should be fine in your upstairs area so long as you take care to place it across the beams rather than along them so that the load is spread across as many beams as possible. If in any doubt consult a builder.
  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    A 30 g tank is only big enough for a temporary home for weather loaches. according to documentation they can get as big as 10 inches but I can tell you from experience they are very active and can spook godfish with their sudden movements.
    Here's some information on Weather Loaches.  
    Being as active as weather loaches are a fancy goldfish doesn't have a chance when competing for food.
  5. loachaholicValued MemberMember

    Aww :( I was really hoping to get loaches now. They're my favorite big fish... well, one day.

    20"? Is that a typo or have you actually seen them that big? That would be awesome. I would officially have to get them in that case.

    As for the breed of goldfish, I think I've narrowed it down to a Red Cap Oranda, Pearlscale, or Fantail/Ryukin. Though I probably won't wind up getting a red cap- I think they're adorable and Becca would probably love his little 'hat', but what I've read says they're a bit more delicate and probably wouldn't like being in a pond all to much (which is where I plan to put him once he's gotten too big to comfortably house in a tank).

    And I've been wondering... do goldfish get 'lonely'? The idea was to get one fish for Becca when she turns 5, so there'd just be one goldie that would be Hers and she could come up and feed it whenever she visits. But if it would be better for him to have company, I guess I could get a jump-start on the pond and get a black moor started growing...

    Lucky her birthday isn't for a few months yet so I have time to think this all out!

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