gold ram head injury

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by allaboutfish, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. allaboutfishWell Known MemberMember

    i notice that my gold ram has a read streak on his head. what should i do? i was planning on feeding flakes with garlic juice to strengthin its immune system, but is there anything else o should do?
  2. greenbeanetteValued MemberMember

    Adding stresscoat and vitachem to the water and frozen foods help too. Stresscoat builds and protects the fish's slime coat, and vitachem provides nutrients to help speed up healing. Frozen foods help too, such as the exoskeleton in brine shrimp help the fish regenerate scales.
  3. Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    If it is an open cut or wound PIMAfix and MELAfix are good at treating open wounds. It has an purifying quality and also prevents secondary infections. It will not mess with the cycle in your tank as it is all organic from leaves any treas. I have treated several things successfully with a mixture of both together (recommended) and it has done a lot of good. I remember someone calling it like bactine, bandaids and aspirin.
  4. allaboutfishWell Known MemberMember

    well i have prime which helps slime coat and i can feed frozeb brine shrimp with garlic juice or decap brine shrimp with gar;ic juice
  5. nippybettaWell Known MemberMember

    My angel beat himself up last weekend, but his scratch wasn't bleeding. I treated with stress coat and he's healed now :) I hope your ram gets better... they're so much fun.

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