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    I bought a GN Pleco (not sure which designation) a month ago on sale at a local LFS. It mostly hid for the first couple weeks, but normally was visible in between a couple stacked terracotta pots. It would sparingly come out of that spot - and I think (s)he chose it because it's a dead water flow spot in the tank where a lot of food settles.

    Since adding a small school of Rust Cory's to the tank, he's coming out a lot more. Not sure if he just feels more comfortable with them around, they aren't going into his spot at all so don't think he's disturbed. Could also be competing more with food. Anyway - there has been no noticeable growth with him in the month I've had him. He's just over 2 inches I imagine. How do I know if he's getting enough food? I heard these pleco's are on the fragile side - but I heard they are the most susceptible in the first couple weeks, so assuming I may be doing something right.

    Anyone have GN's that can share any wisdom or advice with me? Here is a pic of mine a couple days ago - about 2 days after adding the cory's he started coming out on the glass during the day (something he only did at night previously).

    pleco GN.jpg
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    Just for scale (my wife zoomed way in on that) here is a non zoomed image - he's in a 75 gallon:

    gn pleco 2.jpg
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    Wardley Shrimp Pellets, Hikari Algae Waffers are the main staples - alternating them at night.

    For Veggies - Peas and cucumber - but I've never seen him touch them.

    I'm sure he's getting a lot of residual food from the other fish too - flake food, cichlid pellets, hikari micro pellets, freeze dried tubifex worms, frozen blood worms. Once in a great while live brine shrimp when I have time to make it to the LFS that has those. I try to alternate foods each day and do a morning feeding and a lights out feeding. I also tend to give an extra feeding right before a water change, knowing I can suck out the excess with the gravel vac.
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    Looks like an l081 (medium spot gold nugget), he may just need time to grow, larger water changes might be the only thing to add to possibly cause him to grow bigger (they do like it warm though, like 80 or more, they are suggested with discus fish).