Gold Nugget Pleco Opinions and Experience


Hello, I have been in the fish keeping hobby for some time now. I recently finished my 55 gallon and it's been up for about a month now.

I plan to create a mix tank of cichlids and a Gold Nugget. The Gold Nugget Pleco I got today and I am finally glad I was able to get one sense they are a more rare breed. I have an Electric Yellow Cichlids in there by himself who is his only tank mate to help get the tank cycled a few weeks prior adding the Nugget. I will be adding smaller cichlids no more than 5 to 6 inches so the Plec will be bigger since he is supposedly to get up to 8 or 9 inches. Does anyone have any experiences with these guys? I did my fair share of research but everyone has a different opinion so can I have some facts so I know he will live a long and healthy live. I am aware they do tend to jump out of the tank if the lid is not shut and to watch out for sunken bellies on these guys.

My main questions are:

pH? I believe it is 6.5 to 7.5. Mine is currently 7.4 but I do tend to lower it more to about 7 or 6.8. And best way to lower it using peat moss in my Fluval 306 or just drift wood? Or both?

length? I believe 8 or 9 inches?

And best way to lower ammonia on the aquarium. We have had a lot of rain and that has caused a spike in our tap from last water change a few days ago.


If you guys are curious I named him Lucky



If you wish to keep cichlids with any sort of plec, or cat, for that matter, I would suggest the you keep mouthbrooders; substrate spawners will do their best to kill most catfish before and during spawning in order to defend their eggs, as catfish like to eat eggs at night, when they are least protected. You might say that most cichlids are proactive in defense of their eggs
That said, if you stick with electric yellow labs, you should be fine, as they are mouthbrooders, are quite placid as well. Also quite easy to keep and breed, sometimes to the point where it becomes irritating having to haul off another batch to your LFS.---rick

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