Gold Mystery Snail Behavior

  1. Chuck Wheat Member Member

    I've had this Gold Mystery Snail for a few weeks now. Within the first couple days, as it was snailing up the glass, a curious dwarf gourami absolutely nipped one of its antennae clean off. Since then, its seemed kinda derpy. Its gotten worse in the past few days and it looks like the other antennae is missing, its possible it was just wrapped into its shell, though. Either way, it has continued doing snail stuff and is eating regularly, but it seems like its favorite game right now is "Tarzan." When it isn't seeking out algae wafers, it climbs the glass to the top and climbs onto a leaf and immediately drops to to the bottom. And then climbs back up. Sometimes it doesn't make it all the way to the top before it drops off, sometimes its because a fish bumps him, sometimes it looks rather random.

    I also saw the DG nip the antennae off of one of the larger ramshorn snails in the tank. So maybe that is his favorite game, currently. Or he has gotten a taste for escargot since they've been populating his pad.

    Anyone else see this kind of behavior in snails? The climbing and dropping, over and over? Its not like a constant thing, but it happens often enough to make me curious.

    I suppose it could just be his size/weight? Its about as round as a shooter marble, or the diameter of a quarter.
  2. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    The climbing and dropping, yep, they can be silly. When mine were smaller they would climb on the bubble wall, go flying up with the bubbles, float back down, repeat. However, with him missing part of his antenna, he may also be having a hard time telling where he is going, so he may get part way, not know where to go, and figure down is a safe option.
  3. rainman Well Known Member Member

    As my friend stated, this is common behavior. Almost all of my snails do this regularly. I see no need for caution because of this. But, having a nippy Gourami may become an issue. Yes, their antenna will grow back, but this doesn't reduce the amount of stress this puts on the snail.
  4. ashleyb Member Member

    If you really want to see them go parasailing, add a bubble wand. I have a video of a trio of mysteries using it at the same time, they were all just bobbing along. They sail around the tank too so don't worry if you see them floating either. I have one that will float for hours and sometimes I think he's dead lol
  5. Bigtexcowboy Initiate Member

    I have a golden mystery snail and a black one my golden one keeps attaching it self to the black one are they fighting or what
  6. LadyRae425 Member Member

    More than likley its mating.