gold fish loosing color, pls help!!

HI all,

I have a gold fish that's been with me for the past 2yrs, and its going strong
However recently ,about a month ago it started to loose its color....
Its now turned into part white and part gold......
I have not seen any change in its behavior,it still eats well and moves around as it was doing all the while!!!Its grown a lot bigger too!!!

What could be the issues?
I change the water every 15days....
I also have 2 more goldfishes along with a couple of tetras ,silver dollor,guppies...
The other 2 gold fishes are grown tremendously but they have not turned partly white?

Wanted to know how I can get back the color?
welcome to fishlore!!!!!! what size is your tank? and goldfish are huge poo'ers and should have the water changed weekly....
Shawnie is right about the water change..Weekly water changes are prefered. I take care of the Goldfish in the Bio Lab at my work...They do Poo quite a bit. I do water changes weekly. I have noticed that a lot of them change color as they get older...I think that may be normal as they age but maybe someone here with more goldfish experience mey have more info. I f he is acting normal and eating as usual I would not worry too much
Goldfish tend to lose their color when they are in a tropical tank with high temperatures. The ideal tank for a goldfish is a temperate (unheated) tank, 20 gallons for the first goldie and 10 for every extra.
I have some goldfish that are 7 years old in my pond. Some of them start out gold and have become "white" or partially gold and white. I think it depends on the mix from parents too.
I got quite a combination working. : )
what kind of gold fish is it? Is it a normal/common or is it one of the fancy's? You also don't mention what color it was. If it was black, now changing to orange and white, or all orange now getting white on its fins, that is normal color change. If it was dark orange/red now fading to a paler orange, that could be a lack of proper lighting or stress.
goldfish need ar least a 29 gallon to be o.k. and you should change their water evry WEEK

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