Going to the beach

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    A few years ago my sister-in-law's Mother was moved to an assisted living facility in Port Angeles, WA. Gen and her late husband had lived there for 50 years and would often go walking along the water front so when she told us that she had been walking on the beach we assumed she had been on an outing. It was getting to be winter and so my SIL was concerned that her Mother was often out at the beach. She questioned the staff and was told that "no they had not and would not go to the beach in the cold, dark winter months".Now her Mother kept insisting that she did go to the beach and in fact went by herself several times a week. She described the water front and the logs and rock formations. We decided to drive up and get to the bottom of this. Her Mom was delighted to see us and told us we could go with her to the beach right then. We suggested she get a coat and that we leave soon to make it there and back before dark. Gen was puzzled and sort of stormed off, waving her arm and demanding we follow her to the beach. Down the halls we went, twisting and turning through several areas and then suddenly stopping. Gen gestured toward the wall and exclaimed There's the beach, pointing to a very large fw tank! I hope when I'm old I can walk to the "beach".
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    Oh my goodness, that's precious.
    Thanks for sharing such a cute story. :)
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    What a great, great story.
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    That's a very heartwarming story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us:;hug2
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    That's lovely, I'm glad you told us that. And me too, see you there!