Going On Vacation, What To Do About My Tank?

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by kncollins7, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. kncollins7

    kncollins7 New Member Member

    I'll be going on vacation for a week and I have two goldfish in a 120G.

    I live with my parents and they aren't comfortable letting someone come in a feed my fish daily. I'm planning on doing a water change before we go but I'm not sure about feedings. I heard goldfish can last two week without food but I'm not sure if it's true.

    I was thinking maybe giving them some fresh food like spinach which usually last them a few days so they aren't starving for a whole week. If not is an auto feeder worth it? I need more experienced advice as I'm a newbie.
  2. Tyler Fishman

    Tyler Fishman Valued Member Member

    Automatic feeder? A bunch of vacation feeder blocks? not to sure, goldfish love eating all the time I'd try the automatic
  3. OP

    kncollins7 New Member Member

    Any automatic feeder recommendations ? :)
  4. j

    jlm418 Valued Member Member

    If it's only a week they will be fine without being fed
  5. DeerPark

    DeerPark New Member Member

    Yeah they'll be fine without food for a week. If your paranoid just get a small feeder block at most
  6. _IceFyre_

    _IceFyre_ Well Known Member Member

    Agreed, especially if they are relatively large they should be fine and will most likely be slimmer and healthier when you come back:)
    You could add a feeder block to be safe. The gel formula ones are generally the best when it comes to keeping the water parameters in check.
  7. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend avoiding the feeder blocks they just polute the water more than anything. Almost all fish can go a couple of weeks easilywithout food. Just feed them right before you leave. Wouldn't feed the spinach unless they always clean it completely up, could contribute to poor water conditions while you are gone.
  8. O

    OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    The Eheim gets good reviews. Any feeder can malfuntion but a 120G would be hard to crash with all but a very massive overfeeding. They'll survive if they get no food.
  9. yasha

    yasha Well Known Member Member

    A little late on the comment.
    Autofeeder with very light feedings is what I'd do also maybe some duck weed. Goldfish love to eat it but being as its a live plant it will help the tank while its floating in the tank. My goldfish in my planted tank would eat all my other plants if they were not fed for a few days.

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