Going From Fish-in Cycle To Fishless Cycle?

  1. Liz♡Gold

    Liz♡Gold Valued Member Member

    After careful consideration I have decided that I want to take my goldie out of the aquarium to properly cycle his tank. I was doing a fish-in cycle, but I'm worried that it might be bothering him. I was going to put him in another housing tank temporarily until the cycle completely settled.

    I'm at the second stage of my cycle. High nitrites. Now, so far I haven't noticed any signs of him being affected (I dose the tank with Prime) but I'm worried that it could still hurt him.

    Now, my question is how will I continue cycling my tank? Do I have to add anything or do I let the cycle take its course? I've never done a fishless cycle before so any help will be appreciated!
  2. S

    Spore New Member Member

    I use Seachem Stability for a week as per their directions. Never had issues this way.
  3. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    Need to add ammonia to feed the bacteria. Make sure it's pure ammonia, no scents or added chemicals. Hardware stores usually have it.

    Also available on-line called Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride (?), I think.