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  1. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Haha, yeah, platys are pretty boisterous!
    Mickey looks just like one of my the first platys I bred; he's adorable!
  2. KinsKicks Well Known Member Member

    Ok...I know this is late...but your 16?!?! Wat?!?! Coulda (and did) fool me lol. Now I think your 10x cooler :)

  3. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    That's what I thought to! :D

  4. KinsKicks Well Known Member Member

    This entire time is though he was like 30ish! I guess age doesn't always mean maturity lol. He's like always calm, cool, collected, and super smart...definitely one of the best 16 year olds I know! (lol we're talking about you @BeanFish!! :p)

  5. BettaPonic Member Member

    I would agree they are not traditional schooler, but they do need company. A lot of Livebearers need social interaction with their own species.
    Surprised to learn I am older than you BeanFish. Glad to see the whipper snappers getting into the hobby. You really seem to know your stuff. Best wishes in this awesome hobby!
  6. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    Zach got his 5 gallon tank today! And it looks really nice. I can't wait to get him a couple more plants and such. He explored around, and it may take him a while to get used to the (minor) current after a few days with no water movement. Because it's so late, I only left the new LEDs on long enough for a few pictures (it's 2am, I let the filter run for about an hour or more before putting Zach in). Hopefully the water quality is okay (I should check that in the morning) and he does good in there. I'm a bit paranoid for the first few days of a new tank. The LEDs really bring out the blue on his fins, though! I wonder if his blue shimmer will lessen or greaten with the new lighting.
    Side note: I. LOVE. the Black Diamond substrate with these lights. It looks so pretty! And Zach stands out nicely. Super happy. beff671c63dc384ef7451f10780e9a0b.jpg 7f51b483c7e6b7e3043758aae3fd588e.jpg 971f8654d083498fb504098525f71469.jpg 2a6936e4d882924d46a5842d012fdba3.jpg 875eda52d55d43b9aed95d3c5c4e1b3b.jpg 419487f5f06c4f124fc2d1d6d2156501.jpg
  7. MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    Platies are pretty social. They love not only being with other platies, but they love being with other livebearers in general. My current guy was on his own for a while, and he was doing pretty good. I added in two guppies, and the three follow each other around all day, picking algae off the live plants.
  8. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    I decided today to avoid Alice jumping ship the wrong way and put her in a plastic tub with water to enjoy some snello. Don't think it was very successful. She did eat a little (maybe she wasn't hungry) but mostly just cruised around. I put her back after a while along with a couple chunks of snello. The minnows probably ate them, though. There is some java moss that has been there fir a while that might be dead that i think she eats off of.
    Speaking of minnows, my 6 yr old cousin I babysit calls them nibblers. Cute name for them.
    Owen was being a bit annoying when I tried feeding Jenny. *sigh* oh, well. She did get some food at least, and she cruises around the tank a lot searching for food.