Go Away Diatoms!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Nauthes, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Nauthes

    NauthesValued MemberMember

    Fishlore I'm in need of some help.

    I keep a 55g tropical community tank. Temp is kept at 78F
    7x Boesman Rainbow
    6x Congo tetra
    5x Kuhli Loach (more are on the way)
    1x Clown Loach (im aware the tank is not appropriate, but he's here to stay for now and will be rehomed when he is to large. Im also aware that this is bad practice, but thats what i've got)

    There are no live plants

    Water parameters have been maintained and are pristine.
    I do 2 25% water changes weekly
    0ppm ammonia
    0ppm nitrites
    10ppm nitrate (never goes above 20ppm)

    But i cant seem to get rid of these creeping diatoms.
    This brown algae is slowly infesting my tank.
    Its starting to cover my decor, my heater, my tank walls even.

    The tank only gets 6hrs of light a day and is not in front of a window or anything.
    people tell me it will go away on its own, but its been months. and its so ugly.

    I have a Sunsun 304b canister filter with a UV light. Should i try using the UV light to kill algae?
    I've never used it before.

    Any tips on riding my tank of these diatoms?
  2. endiglowgurl

    endiglowgurlNew MemberMember

    My bristlenose pleco cleared up all my diatoms when I had an outbreak in my tank when I first started it up. Maybe get a bristlenose pleco or two to help clear them out?
  3. OP

    NauthesValued MemberMember

    I think a pleco would over stock me a bit, those things are poop machines.
  4. wapooshe

    wapoosheValued MemberMember

    It seems like you plan on getting another tank since you said your clown loach would be rehomed. So why not add a pleco? But, don't add fish for the sake of benefit, buy fish because you like them :). I don't really know about diatoms, but I assume there might be some type of treatment you can buy maybe.
  5. Herkimur

    HerkimurWell Known MemberMember

    Well I wish someone could help you so I can help myself.
    Still in the middle of fishless cycling and having a whole lotta diatom/green diatoms/maybe spot algae going on (and rotting spider wood).
    Is yours as bad as mine? Heheh...
  6. endiglowgurl

    endiglowgurlNew MemberMember

    brown algae (diatoms) how to get rid of?
    Maybe check this out, may have some answers that can help? Usually diatoms will go away on their own. How old is your tank?

    Diatoms are common in new tanks and usually go away in time. It looks horrible, I know.. But with time and patience, it will usually die off. Other than just waiting it out, there are fish and snails that will clean it right up for you. Bn plecos and Otto's both eat them.
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  7. kjlife

    kjlifeValued MemberMember

    I know this off topic but you picture look like they were taken from inside the tank
  8. fyshfuud

    fyshfuudValued MemberMember

    I had mad diatoms a few months after setting up my 10 gallon as well. I popped in 2 nerites and they chowed through it in 72 hrs! :D I haven't seen any since. Plus, the nerites are fun to watch. I keep my water line 2 to 3 inches below the rim for them because they like to hangout above the water line sometimes. I haven't had any trouble with mine escaping or getting in the filter.

    Not sure if it is the species or just the individuals, but my horned nerite would climb all over the fake plants I have, but my zebra doesn't. The zebra mainly stays on the glass. They made a great team, but the horned was definately more thorough.

    Like wapooshe said though, buy them because you like them, not just for the benefit. Otherwise, just wait it out. I love mine! I have daily games of "Where's Waldo" trying to find them in my tank.

    @Herkimur I'm afraid you will definately have to wait out your diatoms if you are cycling. Snails and otos are too sensitive for tanks that aren't well established from what I have read. Also, I don't really know about the wood because I'm just staring to look into that myself, but don't you need to scrub off the fungus and soak or bleach the wood to get rid of that? Anybody know?
  9. Piaelliott

    PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    The white stuff will go away on its own. Some fish/snails/shrimp will eat it.
    Don't bleach but you can rub it off if you want.
  10. fyshfuud

    fyshfuudValued MemberMember

    @Piaelliott Thanks! I'm thinking about getting some wood when I set up my next tank. Hopefully soon.
  11. Herkimur

    HerkimurWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you so much for the link.

    Yeah, after reading several posts about diatoms I figured as much.
    A bristlenose pleco would make me happy (i love those little guys) but my substrate is so dusty that it'll probably be a bad idea.
    I will be getting a nerite snail for sure once the tank is cycled. The nerite snail will be picked up the same day as my fish.
    I scrubbed off the 'fungus' twice, it came right back. I've noticed all the diatom growth is suffocating it, so I decided to let it be.

    And shortly after posting my pics I saw a little creature just bouncing around near the substrate on the glass, having a good ol' time in the diatoms.

    I give up, whatever happens..happens.
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  12. OP

    NauthesValued MemberMember

    Plecos poop a bit too much for me, but i would love to get some snails.

    Im afraid though that my clown loach will think they're a tasty snack.
    Will he definitely go after the nerites? Or is it worth a try?
    If the snail is big enough will he leave it alone? Should i try some big apple snails?

    @endiglowgurl Thanks for that link. My tank is about 6 or 7 months old now btw.

    @Herkimur Maybe not quite as bad but yes quite similar. Its less on the glass and more on the decor. Some of my fake green plants are now fake brown plants lol and my driftwood is also starting to be engulfed.

    On the link endiglowgurl provided they mentioned to low of light.
    I think i'll also try leaving my lights on for longer
    Unless others think thats a bad idea

    I think also I'll pick up a phosphate test if they aren't super expensive. Just out of curiosity to see if that could be a cause.
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  13. fyshfuud

    fyshfuudValued MemberMember

    I'm not really familiar with clown loaches, but from everything I've read about other loaches they all seem to think snails are a tasty treat. I don't think size matters. If he can't fit it in his mouth, he will probably still attack it. Oops! I must have misread the part about him staying in the tank for now. I read it as he was being upgraded. Sorry!