Glowlight Enhancement?



Hey so I just picked up 3 Glowlight tetras from PetCo to school with the 2 that I already had. They all looked pretty good in the store but was difficult to look closely being that they are small and light colored and the stores lighting was very bright but now that I’m home they look much duller than the 2 I already had and I’m pretty disappointed about it. All look to be in good health but I was just wondering if anybody knows if they will become more vibrant like the 2 smaller ones in the bottom of my picture or what I could do to help.
Thank you


Give them time. stressed fish often lose their color but it comes back once they calm down.


I noticed that too. I bought some glow lights recently and they looked really orange in store when I bought them but once I got them in the tank I noticed they looked super dull. They’re still not super bright but I was wondering if the mov overwhelmed them a bit.


Give them time, something like a week to really get accustomed to the new environment. Sometimes food can make a difference in colouration as well.


Time and a bit of shade / coverage.
I think they were in a pretty larger school in the LFS !


I have noticed some variation in Glowlights.

Lighting also plays a part.

They are mass bred of course but back when they came from the wild the colours were certainly more vibrant.

I remember seeing some stunning ones in Wakefield in 1972.

Come with me in my timemachine and I'll show you!

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