Glotetra: Identifying if this is an infection

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    alphapenguin New Member Member

    I have this pink glotetra that has done weird growth on its dorsal fin. I am not even sure how to describe it to find any meaningful search results. Maybe you guys can help.

    No other fish are sick. This fish seems fine. Ammonia nitrite and nitrate are nihil.


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    echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Weird... Is it a growth or a color pigmentation looking like a growth? You may want to quarantine it to see whats wrong and not let it spread though out the tank. Might be an external parasite... Try a medicated anti parasitic food and see what happens. It could also be a tumor, but not so sure. Did your fish develop it or did you get it with this? There are ways to tell if they have parasites by looking at the poop. I don't know how though. Someone with more experience will eventually come around. ;) Good luck and keep us posted on the recovery.
  3. I love my puffer

    I love my puffer Valued Member Member

    Hi! I agree with the above. Quarantine and keep him at 78 degrees and very clean. Probably an external parasite. Please post water parameters, cleaning schedule. Send us some good pics, so I know what meds to recommend. Also tell me how long this has been going on and watch her poo. If normal solid, brown- that's good. If not post some pics and I can help you with diagnosis and treatment:)

    Best of luck!
    I love my puffer