Glofish with one eye- not sure what to do


:'( This is the first time I've posted on here, so hopefully I'm doing everything right. I have a yellow glofish that was swimming in a kind of circle in the bottom of my hex tank for a couple days- I think I noticed it Tues. I thought something might be wrong, but he would come up to eat and then go down to swim in his normal "pattern". I knew I should check on here to see if that was a symptom of something, but life happens and didn't get a chance. Even now though, I can't really find a thread that fits his symptoms.
Unfortunately though, yesterday when I turned on the light, I noticed that he wasn't in his normal spot. I thought this was a good sign because I saw him swimming near the top, kind of seeming excited. Unfortunately when he turned the one way I saw that his left eye was missing! I have a suspicion that the pink glofish may have been the culprit because he has been picking fights and picking on both the yellow glofish and zebra danio that I have. But that's a whole other story. I think it must have just happened then, because then the yellow glo was sitting on the bottom just breathing heavy. We put him in a floating tank so no one else would pick on him, and I had to go to work.
Since I got home around 8 pm yesterday, he has been sitting in the bottom of the plastic tank and will scoot in kind of a circle. He periodically just sits there and starts to fall to the right side. Sometimes that "wakes" him up and springs up and moves so he doesn't fall, and other times he just lays on his side. He's still breathing heavy. I guess I think he's gonna die, however he seems to want to live or he wouldn't move at all. I just don't know if I should give up hope and put him out of his misery. He hasn't been "swimming" at all, but I don't know if that's just because the box is so small.
We did a 50% water change last night after I tested the water and I think the ammonia was a little elevated- no more than 0.25, but I used the "master test kit" for that reading, and I have a seachem ammonia alert in tank that said it was fine. I read before that Prime can make the API kit inaccurate, so that's why I got the ammonia alert.
I have a 20 gallon hex and it's been set up since Sept '09. It cycled in about 1 month... I used this glofish, along with another glo (that has since passed, about 2 months after cycling) and the zebra danio to cycle. I have the 2 glofish, the zebra danio, a beta, 2 platies, 1 swordfish, 1 rummynose tetra, 5 neon tetra and an otocinclus (sp?) I do know it's probably a little over stocked. But this little guy has been completely healthy till now. I try to do the 50% water changes weekly, sometimes it's every 2 weeks, but no more. I feed tetra flake foods normally, sometimes a few floating pellets, and even less frequently freeze dried blood worms. BTW- I don't think he's eaten since the attack.
Hopefully someone will have some insight. I really don't know what to do. Some things I've read make me think it could be TB- but I REALLY have no idea. It seems like the more I read the more confused I get!


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About all you can do is make sure that the little guy gets food, keep the water clean, and stock to avoid aggression. If you've got a way to set up a little 5 gallon hospital (it doesn't even need to be a tank... just a rubbermaid container with a heater and a filter will do), he'll at least have some peace and quiet.

Looking at your stocking, my concerns are:
The betta- Bettas are territorial little buggers, and have been known to attack other fish. I would think that the danios would be faster than the betta, but bettas are smart, and yours may have cornered one of the brightly colored "rivals".
Schooling- The danios and the rummynose tetra don't have proper schools, which may be causing their aggression to be focused on one or two fish. However, I wouldn't necessarily suggest adding any fish, since your tank appears to be pretty well stocked already.

It may, however, just be that the danio was already ill. Schooling fish will often attack weaker members to drive them from the school. A sick fish is a predator beacon, and thus is a danger to the entire school.


Hello Fishnoobie and Welcome to Fish Lore.

SDS has you covered with great info above.
I hope you enjoy the site and that you can share some photos with us sometime.


Well- I guess that didn't take long... my poor yellow glofish just gave in. Makes me sad especially since it was one of my first and he was a cute little guy. Thanks for the info though- I have known that I didn't technically have enough of them for a school, but like you said already had enough fish. I might take the 2 remaining danios and put them in a smaller tank and buy some more so maybe they will be happier. I don't really want to because 1 tank is a big enough responsibility, not really sure I want to take on another. My worry right now is whether or not whatever was wrong with the yellow glo is contagious. I don't want the rest of my fish to suffer the same fate. Any idea what would cause his strange behavior before the attack? He would swim sort of in a circle in one of the areas that was clear of plants and decoration, then go to the side of one of the decorations and back again in the same exact pattern. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it seemed strange. Almost like he was frantically pacing...


Sorry you lost him.
With a bunch of fish that have already been together, the best way to avoid a spreading infection is to keep providing excellent water quality (50% water change every week should do fine in that respect), and give the best possible diet you can. Most flakes are like McDonald's hamburgers and fries. They taste good to the fish, but they're devoid of any real nutrition.
OmegaOne makes some excellent flake food, as does Hikari. Supplement this with fresh veggies, blood worms (freeze-dried or frozen), daphnia (again, freeze-dried or otherwise), and other little bits, and your fish will have healthy immune systems capable of dealing with much of what a disease throws at them.


I have been mostly feeding them Tetra Color flakes- but I do have some Omega One Super Color pellets. I don't feed those as much because most of the smaller fish seem to have trouble eating them, especially the tetras and the glofish that died. I will look for the flakes by Omego One then. Probably coincidentally the day after I bought those pellets is when the original pink glofish died, so I wondered if it had been the food and have been afraid to give it very much. I do feed the betta the HikarI food sometimes, but it's hard to feed him different than the rest, since he's pretty much up for eating anything, and I'm not sure if the other's should really have his food(???)
On a side note about the glofish/ danio... I've had questions about the two that are left, pretty much since the beginning. Both of them are always incredibliy hungry- or seemingly that way. They get to the food first usually, and chase after other fish if they get to it first. Thus, they have become pretty fat- their bellies actually protruding out. We've cut back on the feeding (still twice a day, but less food) and it's gotten better. The yellow one was always the "normal" one- slI'm and trim, and good at darting up, getting food and getting the heck outta there so the other two wouldn't get him. The other two have just been bullies. Could it be the fact that they aren't in a proper school that they always fight for food like they're starving? Any insight would be helpful...
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