Glofish tetra with a single white spot, not sure if its ich


This is as a good picture as I can get with a camera, I've sharpened it a bit with turned up contrast.

I'm a bit confused as from what I've read, the ich is multiple way smaller dots around the entire body. This tetra has only 1 in the middle as you can see in the image. Maybe two more? one on the cauldal fin and another one on the analfin? The one big in the middle can only be seen from one side while the other ones on the fins are visible on both sides. The tetra eats (I've seen her eat peas as well) and doesn't hide. It's not scratching itself on anything. I have 5 other glofish that don't have this white spot and are normal.

My guess is that it's original white color is coming out a bit as from what I know this is not a natural color for this tetra.

I hope it's not ich as my only way of dealing with it, would be temperature which is at 27 degrees celsius degrees (80.6 fahrenheit) right now.

25G tank with 1:3 ratio swordtails. Can't give water parameters. The tank has been running for more than 5 weeks with no weird issues until this.


I'm not sure what it might be but it's not Ich, which looks like sprinkles of salt.
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