Glofish Tetra acting like an idiot


Hi folks,

I have 3 Tetra Glofish that I inherited from my wife's classroom tank (she is a teacher).

I put them into an established 10g community tank with 1 nirite snail, 2 amano shrimp, and 1 corry. There's a lot foliage and places to hide on all levels of the tank. See current pic (I'm getting a slight bacteria bloom so I just put in my UV light today, normally the black UV light on the left is not there).


The Glofish have been flourishing but one of them (Green) developed very strange behaviors.

1. First, I cannot feed him any floating food. Green gobbles air and gives himself swim bladder. I only use frozen food that immediately sinks now. It solved the swim bladder issues.

2. One of his lower fins doesn't work - he must have injured in somehow. This makes him generally swim with a bit of a sideways tilt.

3. Most worryingly, he likes to wedge himself between the substrate the spiderwood or decorations. Two days ago I found him lodged the back of the tank, pinned on his side under the spiderwood.

When I first saw this, I assumed he was sick, stressed, or perhaps just dying of old age/chronic problems. However, he shows no other signs of any illness. He eats voraciously and swims quickly, and interacts normally with the other 2 Glofish.

I'm afraid that he will get himself stuck and I won't rescue him in time, or repeated experiences of getting stuck will kill him prematurely due to stress.

Do you guys have any ideas why he developed this behavior, or what it means? Is it because he used to have bouts of swim bladder, and wants to keep himself anchored on something?


Here he is right now, on the substrate, tucked under a leaf this time.

This sort of behavior in any fish would typically signal impending death, but when he's not shoved in a corner he carries on as normal.

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I not sure why he could be doing this but glo fish in general from what I’ve heard because I’ve never owned them are kinda weird acting probably from being injected with dye
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