GloFish (not goldfish)

  1. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    My stepdaughter's 30 gallons tank with 4 Glofish. I read that they are supposed to be in a group of 6? We were planning to get more after I got her tank cycled. Ammonia is 0 ppm nitrite is 00 pm and nitrates is 5.0 ppm. They have been aggressive and I believe they got to one fish's fin? Still good time to get more?
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes, they should be kept in groups of 6+ as they're all shoaling fish, bigger numbers will help keep any bullying of one individual to a minimum.
    Which glofishâ„¢ do you have as there are danios, barbs & tetras & what other fish if any are in with them?
  3. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    They are tetras. No another fish at the moment but I want to get cory catfishes too
  4. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    I haven't got them, I'm waiting for my stepdaughter to get home for her visit then we will head to the store and let her pick. I'm thinking 4 more so that will be 8 total for 30 gallons. That is ok?
  5. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    That'll be a nice number :)
    If you get corys they should also be kept in groups of 6+ all of the same kind
  6. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    Oh I thought Cory's should be in group of 3. Will that work in 30 gallons tank with 8 Glofish? Do I need to wait to bring Cory's home. I heard too many being added to the tank will mess things up.
  7. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd add the new tetras first then wait a week or so to let your filter adjust to the extra bioload then you can get the corys, your tank is big enough to have them with the tetras
  8. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    Ok, thank you for your help! We just brought home 4 more GloFish :)
  9. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    I'm going to put them in bowl and monitor closely before putting it in main tank. Bowl is fine right? Pretty new to all of this. I'm not willing to infect my main tank again after the ich issue I had about a month ago
  10. zinnaerris Member Member

    I do believe they need to have a heater and a filter going in a quarantine tank to do that.

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  11. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    I just got a 10 gallons tank for $30. Sweet deal. It includes filter, lights and heater.
  12. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    That will make a good QT tank
  13. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    I know, in excited about it. I was expecting to spend around $50 for 10 gallons tank and it was on sale for 49.99 and I used coupon off the petsmart receipt and it came to that
  14. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    Have you considered Shrimp? They clean the bottom, eat algae and have no Bioload like fish do. I started with Ghost Shrimp then moved to Red Cherry Shrimp but they're pretty small. I don't know if your Glow would eat the Cherries. But the Ghost should be fine. They're cool to watch too.
  15. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    Well, I have not really considered it. Hmm