Glofish hybridizing with giant danios?

They are not the same species. Giant danios (Danio malabaricus) are a different species than glofish or zebra danios (danio rerio). I seriously doubt they will interbreed.
Don't most schooling fish recognize possible mates by not only body shape but also color? I would think they would be highly unlikely to interbreed because of the immense difference in color.

What I read is that zebrea danio cannot interbreed with giant danio.
If that is really the case, then it will not work with glofish as they are actually zebra danio with altered gene for the glow.
I prefer small fish.
They are cute, especially my panda cory.

If I have a pond, I will love to have some Koi though.
Never though of mutant fish, they usually turn out very ugly.
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