Glofish Fin Damage

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I decided to do around a 20% water change for my family's 16 gallon tank. In here we have 5 Glofish and a pictus catfish. I know some may say that's too much fish for a 16 gallon but I'm working with what my family got...

After I did the water change, I turned on the airstone and kept it on over night. We usually don't keep it on that often. These are the only things I did from yesterday and I wake up and see one glofish with some bad fin damage.

What could've caused this? We have all artificial soft decor and the water quality seems fine. All the other fish look fine as well. Any ideas? Thanks




Hi kevinfjr.

Those are Glofish tetras. They are essentially black skirt tetras.

Pictus catfish are known for attacking and even eating small fish. In a tank of that size the fish will struggle to escape the pictus.

I also think that 20% water changes aren’t enough. Doing 50% weekly is advised.

If the water agitation is strong then there’s not much need for an airstone and I’m not sure why you turned it on for the night. It won’t affect the water quality in any way.

The stocking is the main problem it would seem. Please fill out the emergency template so we can see if there are any underlying problems.

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