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HI guys, I currently have 3 glofish in a 16 gallon tank along with a guppy, a gourami, and a shark. I was wondering if my glofish would breed just by being together. I am pretty sure I have 1 male and 2 females. They do chase each other around alot, is that mating? Would they ever mate in a community tank? What signs should I look for if they are breeding?
They may breed in your community tank, however it is unlikely that any eggs or fry will survive. Glofish are genetically modified zebra danios. If you do a search on breeding zebra danios you'll get all the info you need.
You should do a youtube search for danios breeding. I have one of my danio chopraI breeding which is very similar since they are both egg scatterers.

The method being employed is creating a spawning site and then using a container to trap the eggs, this works great in a community setting because the fish don't have a chance to eat all the eggs.

I have 5 glofish in a community tank with a red tail shark and a small peacock eel. I'm hoping the glofish breed because I don't want to have to buy more. If you find a website with a good plan on ways to breed glofish and raise the offspring, please post it! x
The method that I have posted in that video above is the most effective approach I have found. It is hands on and requires some work, though. It's very unlikely that any eggs/fry survive in a community setting, unless the tank is completely overrun with plants.
The method that I have posted in that video above is the most effective approach I have found.

+1 For less than $5.00 you can build an Egg Trap and be ready to go...

Here's the short version on FishLore...

and here's the original on my site...

Best of luck with your breeding project!

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On a side note, you have to rehome that shark. That tank is much too small. You'd need about a 55 gallon for that one shark.

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