Glofish baby borned with silver shiny dot marking on forehead?

Those of you who have baby glofish that is about a month old, do you find a shiny metallic dot on it forehead?

I don't seem to find that on my adult glofish and zebra danio.
Was wondering whether it is a hybrid or something.
My adult glofish is orange in colour but this one month old seem to be more red and there is a shiny metallic dot on it forehead since it was fry.
Very much like the shine of a neon tetra.
I had neon tetra in the pot as well but I do not think they are suppose to be able to interbreed.

Will try to get a picture soon.
Attached are the pictures.
Am really sorry for the poor quality from my camera phone.

The first picture is the fish that was born more than a month ago.
Look at the shiny metallic spot on it forehead.

Second right and bottom left are 2 pictures of the baby fish with an adult glofish. You can see there is no metallic sparkling making on the forehead of the baby fish and the colour is slightly different to the adult glofish.
The bottom left picture is closer to it original colour, it should look more red but my camera phone sucks.

When it put into a jar on it's own, it colour went pale to orange.

The bottom right picture, is where you can see the colour of the glow on top of the body, the center body showing the zebra danio stripes without the glow colour.
Again, sorry for the poor quality.

My other pot of glofish(no zebra nor neon tetra inside.) has given birth recently.
The colour of the frys is similiar to it glofish parents.
I will check the progress and keep you guys updated whether they have shiny metallic spot on it forehead and the whether the colour of the fish will be different.


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