Glasscages rep?

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    As so that follow my thread know ill need a bigger tank soon and am preparing plans for the build. They seem to have good prices on tanks and their reviews seem good. The stands and hoods look really nice but structurally im concerned. When theres that much weight im sketchy when I dont build it. So has anyone order tanks and or stands from here? If so how cooperative are they with bulkhead placements id rather have the hole coming from the bottom of the tank instead of back wall.

    Any pictures of structure inside stand?
    Any issues with HR?
    Any concerns or advice would help. Thanks
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    Big Red

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  4. CindiL

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    Hi, I did order through them and they seemed helpful and I think if you call they would be willing to do things differently perhaps. I know they do very large tanks for stores etc.

    The biggest pain for me was planning on the meet up with the truck to pick up the tank. The first time the truck was early and left even though we were there on time. Keep your cell phone with you! I somehow missed the call that told me they were an hour early.

    And then if you want to return a tank you have to meet up with the truck to give it back.

    If you're certain about what you want, I think they're a reputable company though and are open to customization.