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    Does anyone know what type of glass you need to make an aquarium or fish tank? and does anyone know any sellers of that type of glass?
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    Florian Pellet Well Known Member Member

    Any glass will do. It's the thickness that matters. To build mines, I used that nice little tool:, and I always upped the "safety factory" to at least 5. You'll need to use aquarium safe silicone to glue that tank together, which is basically any silicone WITHOUT fungicide in it.

    You can also make them with acrylic which has different pros and cons.

    You will also need to read about bracing if you plan on building more than a small tank. Also, try and think ahead whether you might need to drill one or several panes, since it's harder to do once the aquarium is stocked.

    I love building tanks :)

    EDIT: Actually, going with tempered glass is a risky bet. It's stronger, but if it cracks, it tends to break in a million little pieces, whereas regular clear glass will just crack and slowly leak and you'll have time to take care of the problem. I always go with regular clear glass, but thick, so that it's also strong. The thickness doesn't really impact the clarity (at that scale at least).
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    Thanks sm this really helped!