Glass Vs Net Lid?


So basically I'm looking to build a lid for a small cube rimless tank but I'm not sure if I should go with a diy sliding glass lid or a clear net type of thing. I'm planning on having either sit flush in the tank with aquarium lid clips and cutouts for a hob filter and my heater. Are there any major pros/cons for either? I'm leaning towards the glass since it can control evaporation and in general it looks nice.


A mesh net or whatever will probably have more water evaporating from the tank. Glass lids are heavier, but I don't think that really matters.

max h

Part of this may depend on where you live, I'm down south and have glass lids. But because of the heat I leave the front portion of the lid open to help with evaporative cooling water and fans are cheap compared to a chiller.

Jocelyn Adelman

I run my tanks open top, not that I recommend this, but my water is super hard and I was cleaning my glass almost daily for my plants. Eventually drove me crazy. I also have some with a "half top" placed over sponge filters to stop the water from hitting my lights...
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