Glass tube heater question ??


How much of that glass tube needs to be under water ??

The reason I ask is I am thinking of modifying my Aqua Clear 70 HOB filter to accommodate a glass tube heater. Problem is my glass tube heater will NOT be underwater up to the line specified by the heater.

So I am wondering if this is a safety issue or a temperature control or regulation issue to have the water at that line ? Other than that the tube heater should fit with minimal modification to the filter media... Although that raises the question of the filter media getting burned or not by the heater being in contact with it...

Anyway... One step at a time.. ;D


The glass tube will crack and cause electrical shock if not fully submerged.


its tru, when I pluged in my heater I didnt have the water in the tank full yet and as I poored more in It Blew UP! Glsas went everywhere thx god I got it from wal-mart and you can Bring anything back to them
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Well I was gonna have it in water about 70 to 80% of it... The line though makes it so practically all of the glass tube is in the water. I was looking to see if there was any lee way there...

Thanks for the feedback!! I am looking for another solution now.

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