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Introduced 5 barbs (4 females and 1 male) 2 days ago. New tank - only 2+ wks old. Cycled with Stability. Have been watching ammonia and other nasties. Parameters here

N03 - 5-10
N02 - 0
NH3/4/free ammonia - 0
GH - 3-6
KH -3
Ph - 6.5
temp - 24-25c

Day 2 there were swimming around a lot and chasing each other. Absolute joy.

I did a 30% water change on Day 3 which startled the fish. Regretted it immediately. A few of them seemed to pace up and down after that. I did my best to do it as slowly as I could. I also added stability, and prime.

They seem to have calmed down since then. Even ate flakes.

I also must add they look a bit washed out. Not cherry red. They were like that at the store. But i do think at least 1 of them is a male - less defined mid-line and very chasey fellow. But not 100% sure.

Frankly, I'm not too worried yet but I'm really curious, since only 2 girls seem to swim up the glass. Is this a stress behaviour? or just getting used to surroundings? Its always up on one side of the tank. So I suspect its the reflection they see on that side (there's no light source there). Could also be the motor that makes so much noise and vibration from the other end. Wish I could change the motor to a silent one but i am not touching anything until its fully cycled. Because I think the silent one means new filter media.

I know cherry barbs are very active fish. Curious to know others with these guys also experienced similar behaviour?

Thought I'll post up here before I start doing the same.


They'll probably stop once they've settled in. Give it a week and they will probably be busy chasing each other again.
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Thank you AQ. That makes sense.

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