Glass Or Acrylic Tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by MartyE, May 21, 2019.

  1. MartyE

    MartyENew MemberMember

    I want to put a 29 gallon freshwater aquarium in my living room. I am wanting a tank that has the least chance of breaking or leaking. Which would be the better choice, glass or acrylic?
  2. moriah

    moriahValued MemberMember

    I believe acrylic doesn't break as easily, but it does scratch easily.
  3. Jeffsglo

    JeffsgloValued MemberMember

    I prefer glass because it doesn't scratch as easily. Just make sure the tank is level to prevent undo stress on the sides.
  4. Magicpenny75

    Magicpenny75Well Known MemberMember

    Acrylic is very strong, more clear, and personally, I love the look of it. I've had two - a 30 and a 50 gallon...long since sold. I now have glass because whoa acrylic tanks are spendy when you get up into the bigger sizes. It does scratch easily, but with some care and the proper tools, they can remain beautiful for a long time. Just make sure you buy acrylic safe algae scrapers and such, be very careful with the gravel and ornaments, and never ever ever use glass cleaner or paper towels on them.
    The only downsides, in my opinion, are the cost and most of them bow some on the long sides. This isn't a leaking issue, they just aren't as stiff as glass, and that bothers some people.
  5. AvalancheDave

    AvalancheDaveWell Known MemberMember

    Some manufacturers use too thin material for the height and that leads to excessive bowing and/or crazing(?).

    Acrylic is the best if you're worried about leaks. I've only had one tank leak and it was glass.
  6. OP

    MartyENew MemberMember

    Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated. Does any know if the Coralife 32 gallon BioCube is an acrylic/glass combo? I read somewhere that the back is glass.
  7. sixtyfour

    sixtyfourValued MemberMember

    In all my years of aquarium keeping I've never had a tank leak, glass or acrylic. However, I've had many water messes not related to the tank. Most recently I put a mesh bag with peat moss in a HOP filter that was too big. The water trickled down the excess bag I left hanging on the side of the filter. Stuff like that usually causes my water problems. Poor drip loops, failed pumps, etc.

    And of course there is always the fun of just straight spilling a bucket of water