Glass Cats...

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    Any info. on these would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. fletch Member Member

    They grow up to 6" officially but in an aquarium theyre only likely to get to 4".Unlike most other catfish they shoal and are not bottom feeders. Water temp should be 25c (77f) and be very caqrefull of white spot in the first few weeks. Dont expect to breed them because as far as i know its never been done in captivity. Feed them live food, especially mosquito larve. If your lucky they may eat flake though. always keep glass cats in a shoal.
    Hope this helped

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    First-what is shoal? And second, I actually bought mine (4 of them) at Wal-Mart and they are huge and getting bigger! The weird thing is-they eat baby guppies! Their mouths look so small, but they gulp 'em right on down! They also stay in one area when the lights are on-but as soon as I turn the lighting off, they swim all over! I feed flake food as well as granules in the morning and frozen brine shrimp in the evening (as well as a tiny bit of flake & granules). They are doing super! I've seen glass cats at pet stores that are so tiny, but mine are nice and plump and healthy! I really enjoy them, they are so unique. I learn a lot, just from observing :) and thanks for your reply.
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    A shoal is a group of the same species of fish. So, having four, you do have a shoal. Ive never heard of wal mart so i couldnt tell you if theyre reliable or not ( about whether theyre guppys or not). They dont generally move about all that much but if you change the lighting to a sort of dark marine blue then as well as it looking really cool you will get the fish moving about.