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Discussion in 'Catfish' started by Isabella, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Isabella

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    I'm back again with the topic of glass fish ;D They have glass catfish now in my pet store. They are so cute. I read they may grow up to 6" but usually much smaller in aquaria. I also read they prefer schools of at least 3. Considering their size, and the fact that right now I have 2 angels, 12 neons, and 1 Chinese alage eater - I know I cannot get a school of the glass catfish. Would it hurt this type of fish if I bought only 2 of them? I can't resist this transparent fish! It looks so beautiful!

    Be honest if you think my tank will be overcrowded with this new fish. (My tank is 30 gallons in volume.)

  2. Janmitch22

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    Well, Isabella getanothertank I've seen those glass catfish getanothertank and I agree, they are cool. I almost got some getanothertank but I changed my mind for a different weirdo fish instead getanothertank. I'm sure you could getanothertank scrape by with two of them, but it's getanothertank so much more awesome getanothertank to get around seven or eight and see them school, as I'm sure you saw getanothertank in your store getanothertankgetanothertankgetanothertankgetanothertank.
  3. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    I know Jan - they look amazing and best when in larger groups. I would get many more if I had a larger tank. And at this time I can't get another 30g. tank, or a larger one instead the one I already have. This is the reason I can't get more of them. I don't want to overstock my tank. One day when I get a huge tank, I'm definitely getting a lot of them :)

    I know that getting even 2 of the glass catfish will overstock my 30 g. tank, in terms of "inches per gallons" rule. But I have a filter that is designed for 40-70 gallon tanks and it is really good in my opinion. So would it be safe to add these 2 catfish to the currect list of my tank's inhabitants? They won't grow to 6" in an aquarium, maybe AT MOST to 5".

    What it would be with glass catfish:

    12 Neons x approx. 1" = 12"
    2 Angelfish x approx. 4" = 8"
    2 Glass Catfish x approx. 5" = 10"
    1 Chinese algae eater x approx. 5" = 5"
    TOTAL = 35" per 30 gallons

    Carol or Gunnie if you're reading this, would 35" of fish in a 30g. tank be ok with a good filter?
  4. OP

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    P.S. Janmitch, what is it with the "getanothertank" in your post?
  5. OP

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    Here are some pictures of this fish,

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  6. chickadee

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    Oh, Isabella, I never knew there were such beautiful catfish. I had always thought of them as kind of a bland looking fish. These fish are gorgeous. I have seen more great fish tonight than I can handle. It is like being on sensory overload ;D . If I don't tear up my house to find room for another tank I shall surely be surprised. :D

    Thank you for the lovely pictures and the great dream ....


  7. Butterfly

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    Jan's using subliminal suggestion to make you get another tank :D Yes those are truly gorgeous fish. They can be very shy and nervous in small groups and need a quiet environment which your tank won't be in about two weeks when your angels spawn again. I know the temptation to get more fish, there are so many wonderful fish out there. Just my thoughts.
  8. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Hahaha Jan! A good one, lol. I thought it unlikely that Jan would actually put so many "hints" about getting another tank, so I concluded that there was something wrong with her FishLore account! LOL ;D

    Carol ... :'( so it is going to be overstocked ... okay. Plus it's true that if my angels breed again, they will be more aggressive. I really won't have the time and space for two 30g. tanks now. I will get more and bigger tanks but not now. That is my entire point - if I could add some 2 more fish of some kind to my current tank without overstocking it. I am in love with this glass catfish. Hey, maybe my angels won't be able to see them!

    Chickadee, you're very welcome! But they are not my pictures. As you can see, I took them from the above website (you have to click on "Pictures" on that website). I wish I could have glassfish ... Imagine - and I am serious - that at first I didn't notice these fish (in my pet store) when I was looking at the tank! I only saw some other fish swimming. Then, to my astonishment, I look and I see transparent glass catfish swimming among the other fish! They look so amazing!
  9. chickadee

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    Isabella -

    Whether you took the pictures or not, I got pleasure simply out of looking at them. Thanks for posting them for us. :D I don't get out to the pet stores and those we do have here are Walmart and Earl May's (a garden supply store). They have the more common fish, but nothing exotic. I get to Walmart about every 3 weeks with someone else so I don't feel I can spend much time in the fish aisle and I get to Earl May's once a year at garden time, so when you all post a lovely picture you really give me a great window to the world.

    Thanks again.

    Rose :D
  10. liamgooner

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    Just bought 3 glass catfish, they are great. They are ok with all fish too....
  11. capekate

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    ahhh the art of subliminal messages lol... :;laughing
  12. capekate

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    Hi Isabella
    I saw them at the fish store yesterday. I really like them myself! They are so kewl looking! I would love to have them in my tank too!..... :clapping:
    I hope you get some... keep us posted! ;D
  13. FishnFry

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    I have 6 of these and I just love them. They are soo fun to watch them eat up a big colored flake.

    With a really good filtration, you should do fine with 3. You gonna love these fish as they are quite entertaining.
  14. Munny

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    Every time I stop by the fish shop I am tempted to leave with these in hand. IMO, these are one the the best looking grouped fish besides neons in a large tank. Someday, I will have a 75g tank with these, and possibly cardinals in a tank.

    I would put neons in but I think they would be a bit gun shy with a school of these boys in there.
  15. Butterfly

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    aaahhhh the art of reviving three year-old threads ;)