Glass Catfish Not Schooling


I had 6 glass catfishes however I lost 4 recently from ich which has been treated already. The remaining 2 got really stressed without the rest and stayed in a corner so I went out to buy 6 more. However I could only find glass catfishes that were fully grown over 2 inches while the other remaining 2 were still really small at about an inch. I thought they would be able to school together since they are the same variety of glass catfishes but the 2 are still in the corner and one of them is turning white (probably from the stress). Is there any way to get them to school together or are they too big to school with the small ones?


If you already lost 4 of the six....I'm going to guess the 2 little ones are not doing well and that's why they aren't out and about with the others? Just a theory.


Why did they get Ich/Whitespot in the first place? Could you correct this issue first?
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I’m unsure as to the source they got ich from, as to why they got it I’m also not too sure. My parameters were fine and I’ve been using the seachem ammonia alert which stayed at the safe area (<0.02 ppm). My tank has been cycled for a month plus I’ve frequently added bacteria such as seachem stability especially after my monthly cleaning of my canister. My guess is either nitrites or nitrates which I’ve not tested for but my tank is heavily planted plus my canister has 5 layers with matrix, eheim substrat pro, plastic bio balls and ceramic rings. Unless my tank is overstocked and can’t take the bio load. In a 55 gallons there are:
-5 kuhlI loaches
-4 hillstream loaches
-3 yo-yo loaches
-1 pearl gourami
-4 denison barbs
-6 glass catfishes
-3 bamboo shrimps
-1 whisker shrimp
-2 marbled headstander
-1 featherfin catfish (still very small about 3 inches)
-1 royal pleco (about 3 inches as well)

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