Glass cat

  1. Kaattiee

    Kaattiee New Member Member

    I finally got a good picture of my glass catfish swimming out and about, they are constantly moving so it's hard to get a picture that isn't blurry, this ones name is Braveheart, he's the smallest of his group but he tends to venture out of hiding more than the others :)

  2. j

    jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    Hard to find a more peaceful fish than glass cats, but their very shy. Interesting fish.
  3. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    Love glass cats. =) Mine are little troublemakers though. They like to nibble on my fingers when I do water changes. Mine also bump into each other and chase each other. They're all very happy and school together nicely until it's feeding time. . . then they go crazy and zoom around the tank ._.

  4. annaberg1067

    annaberg1067 Valued Member Member

    How big do those guys get? Do they need to be in schools?
  5. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBanana Valued Member Member

    They should be in schools, i had 6 once upon a time, now there are 2 and they are perfectly happy partners
  6. m

    mrfixit New Member Member

    I have two glass cats, but mine just hide all the time
  7. S

    Stunna Awai New Member Member

    My bala shark fish has little white on his top
  8. S

    Stunna Awai New Member Member

  9. Corydora Pro

    Corydora Pro Valued Member Member

    Glass cat looks cool! How big do they get?