glass cat shyness and tankmates

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    Sharkman19 Valued Member Member

    The other day I bought 5 glass cats for my 55 gallon tank.
    After 2 days they were still hiding by the filter at the surface at the back of my tank. I figured that they were scared by some of my other fish so i am moving them temporarily to my 10 gallon until they start eating and get comfortable. The 55 gallon currently has various tetras, various dwarf cichlids, angels, a kissing gourami, and knifefish among other things. With these fish in the 55, will I ever be able to move them back and see them in the middle of the tank?
  2. Wendy Lubianetsky

    Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    :;jawsI think that the dwarf cichlids and the kissing gourami are a little bit aggressive. I personally would worry if I put them together. But, let other person chime in, my specialty is not stocking tanks.
  3. sanjin

    sanjin Well Known Member Member

    Hey, Sharkman... not sure if the situation has changed with your glass cats since posting. In my experience, glass cats need a fairly good sized school to feel comfortable. When we had 6-12, some of them would school in the front of the tank, and some would hide out in the back of the tank. Once we got more than 12, they pretty much all school together in the front of the tank. It seems that your tank is stocked pretty heavily though, so it's hard to recommend that you get more.

    Glass cats need their food to appear live to stimulate the eating response - so even if its flakes or small pellets, if you put it in a high flow area under the surface, that will help them realize that there is food to be caught.