Gill Fluke 30 Gallon Tank

  1. Marlon Initiate Member

    okay i have 1 discus his gill on one side looks shut and the other moves rapidly i'm assuming its fluke what is the best thing i should do and do i treat all of them in the same tank

    Plz need some help
  2. dvc_r Well Known Member Member

  3. ifixoldhouses Member Member

    Best thing to do is observe it for a couple of days, are his fins clamped? is he scratching at them? I notice mine doing this when I don't change the water enough. I'd just do a 50% w/c for a couple of days and if its still clamped I'd look further into it. When something in the water, like too much ammonia etc they will hold one gill shut.
  4. dvc_r Well Known Member Member

    I agree, I do 50-60% water changes 2-3 times a week. The one thing I'm concerned with is that you have zero nitrAtes. Mine stay between 5 and 10 with all my water changes and I also have quite a bit of plants, so I'm kind of confused how you can have zero.
  5. Marlon Initiate Member

    I got no plants just dirftwood in the tank i use api master test kit and this is the results i obtained i'll try a 50% WC and observe them. They are not scratch'n at all.
  6. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    on the api kits, the #2 nitrate bottle has these weird crystals in it where you have to really bang the bottle on a hard suface to mix them this for a good 30-40 seconds and maybe retest your nitrates? I agree without being HEAVILY planted, you should have nitrates for a completed cycle...but having no ammonia/nitrites is a good sign! (for now at least)
  7. Marlon Initiate Member

    Okay got that and read'n came out to 20 ppm Nitrate (Thk) and all other reading as where.But that 1 fish seems to be breath'n hard to 1 side and to a point i think his gill open too wide and the other moves normal..... what you think i'm in process of doing my WC right now.
  8. dvc_r Well Known Member Member

    I see your water temp is set at 29 C (84 F), that's good, make sure your replacement water temp is the same or maybe a touch higher so you don't stress out the little guy any more than he already is.

    Good luck: I feel for you...(I hate when these things happen!)
  9. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    would love to adventure into discus as well but not preparred YET! Im pulling for all your fish to make it well!
  10. Slug Well Known Member Member

    Not sure if you can find it or not, but i'd look into getting some Anti-Fluke Life Bearer. It works well for flukes. Treat as directed, about 2 drops per gallon.

    Theres also another way but it generally requires the pH to stay constant under 7 and the Temp to go to about 80F. So its a little trickier to maintain.
  11. Marlon Initiate Member

    Thanks Slug but when i went to my LFS they did not know what it was they never heard of it so i tried to order it but i'm in canada so i don't think they ship med's over like that.My LFS gave me Hikari Prazipro