giant ganio fry Question

  1. dragonshark

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    hey guys its been a few weeks but in the time i was gone i had a pair of my giant danios in my 30 gal. and now i have fry the became free swimming on nov. 26th i have been feeding them hikari tropical first bites and been doing a water chang every 2 days not sure if i should do any thing else to the tank this is my first time my fry have this long if you want more info on tank prams i can get it thanks :;hi2

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  2. iloveengl

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    Hi dragonshark! Congrats on the giant danio fry! :D Such cool fish! Pristine water is just about the best thing you can do for them, so those partial water changes sound like you're doing great. I'm not sure about what to feed them, though. Love to see pics of them whenever they're big enough to look like something. lol