Giant Danios And Blood Parrot


I currently have a single blood parrot and small common pleco (5 inches) in my 55 gallon. I purchased him knowing he would need a bigger tank, with the goal being a 125 gallon as his final home. I plan on moving both of them to the 125 in the next year or two, and was wondering if I could stock a school of giant danios as well? I've read they are commonly used in cichlid tanks without issue. If I'm able, how many could I safely keep? 6 or 12?

Charlie’s Dad

Welcome to the forum Florence..... Your in good company!!
I am not an authority on cichlids.

Others will chime in I am sure.


Provided they're too big to be snacks for the BP by the time they're together I think you'll be fine with them.

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