Ghostknife experience?

  1. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    I just got a black ghostknife, and i'll admit I dont know much about them.

    Anyone ever had one? And what was your experience, their behavior habits?
    Any info would be great!
  2. shadowfish Well Known Member Member

    they get big (1' 6") and need big tanks (6' long and 2.5' wide and 200+ gallons AT LEAST!!!)
    they are fairly hard to care for and need near perfect water condtions...

    what size tank do you have him in and what are you feeding him?
  3. jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    I think they get pretty large so you need a big tank. They prefer live/frozen food, I doubt the'll live on flake foods. They love to hide in tunnel shaped tubes and may eat small fishes.
  4. SuzanaBanana Member Member

  5. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    I have a 210 so the tank size is not an issue. I did buy him a log but i think i'll have to get him one of the clear pipes i always see
  6. shadowfish Well Known Member Member

    what are you feeding him?

    plastic plants may not be the best since they can cut the tender skin of the knifefish,id remove the harder ones untill you figure something out

    I think your tank has a few stocking issues that could affect the knifefish but ill leave that to the experts on stocking, Anders247 maybe?
  7. jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    They are really cool fish with a unique swimming motion. Mine liked live tubifex worms and was more active at night. He seemed to ignore most of his tankmate's. Good luck with him.
  8. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    Currently he is eating bloodworm (which he loves )

    Ya they all ignore him and he ignores them. He's deffinately the king of the tank at night
  9. Skyy2112 Member Member

  10. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Black Ghosts are not scaleless, but being electrical fish they are very difficult to impossible to treat if they get a disease. I would get an opaque pipe rather than a clear one, as it won't be as relaxed in a clear one. Vary it's diet with other frozen foods, and prawns, worms etc.

    What are it's tankmates?
  11. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Wait what? I'm pretty sure the bgk is scale less. I can't find anything that says otherwise.

    Other than that I agree with you. Would also like to state that I have an African knife, and it's fond of massivore sinking pellets by Hikari, and frozen raw whitefish like tilapia. Make sure to cut into small enough chunks if can be eaten, and defrost it first. Only food guaranteed to make him leave his hideyhole without me standing stock still for 10+ minutes to see him xD
  12. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    They have scales, they're just very small.
  13. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    I know the African knife does, but everything I can find on the bgk claims it's scale less. Including the wiki, which isn't the best information site, but the African knife wiki does state it's scaled. I'm asking because I can never find a good source that claims it's scale less, nor can I find a good source that claims it's scaled. It infuriates my want for proof.

    I'm guessing you've observed them on one you've owned yourself? Is good proof to me

    Edit... I guess since all other knifefish have scales I should just believe it. But Ive never been able to xD
  14. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Im with you, I've never found a site that says they have scales. Here's a pic of an old one of mine that shows them clearly....

  15. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Thanks man! That was a beautiful fish, and exactly what I was looking for xD.
  16. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    How big was it in this pic?
  17. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    About 12". It grew to 16"...
  18. SuzanaBanana Member Member

    Wow thats awesome!